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Beyond Counseling – Alternative Psych Careers

Do you love the inner workings of the human mind but cringe at the thought spending all day listening to people drone on about their problems? If so, there are several intriguing alternatives. It’s easier than ever to get your psychology degree online, so now is the perfect time to pursue a career in this fascinating field. Read on to find out about some of the less fuzzy and more scientific psych careers available.


Workplace Psych


If you’ve ever observed group behavior in the workplace and postulated about why people act the way they do, I/O psych could be for you. There are a variety of great industrial organizational psychology graduate programs available that can prepare you for a career in this particular specialty. What does an I/O psychologist do? An I/O psychologist improves productivity by applying psychological principles to the workplace. This is done by assessing the employees and the current organizational culture in addition to group behavior. I/O psychologists often partner with management and human resources departments in order to facilitate necessarily policy changes.


Bio psych


Release your inner scientist with biopsychology. This specialty branch gets into a person’s head – literally. Biopsychology studies the physiology and biochemistry of the human brain. Additionally, biopsychology delves into the physical structures and functions of the brain as well as how chemicals affect the brain.


This branch of psych is best for those who have a strong medical background, and is indeed considered the most medically oriented subspecialty of psychology. Professionals involved with biopsychology are often also involved with neurology and neuropathology.


Law Enforcement Psych


Many professionals currently employed in the law enforcement field consider a transition into psychology. There are a variety of jobs in this branch of psychology including criminal psychologist, expert witness and researcher. Each one of these forensic psychology careers makes an important contribution to the criminal justice system. How?


Criminal psychologists often work with criminals, assessing if the person in question is fit to stand trial as well as ascertaining if there is a threat of future violence. A criminal psychologist may also try to determine the mental state of a criminal at the crime was committed. Because of this, criminal psychologists are usually also expert witnesses, called to testify during trials. Finally, research is another career track for those interested in psychology in law enforcement.


Whichever path you choose, remember there are plenty of satisfying career options for psych grads.