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How IT Training Gave Me a New Start at Life

The world of IT is booming, and starting it training is exactly what you need to compete in the job market these days. A few years ago, I was a stay at home mom, and I had no worries. I didn’t work, I didn’t use the computer, and all I did was be a mom and wife. Those days were filled with taking care of my kids and being an attentive wife. In an instant, that life came crashing down, I got a divorce and I no longer had the comfort of being a stay at home mom. I had to get out of my bubble and get a career to take care of my family.

When I went to apply for jobs, most of them were computer related. Even when it came to filling out a job application, most of the applications that I made contact with were done online. Having to ask for help was embarrassing, I was a vibrant middle age woman and I had no idea how to print an email.