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Why Linear Title Promotes and Encourages Philanthropy Initiatives

Some of the recent Linear Title philanthropy efforts have consisted of helping to rebuild residential communities, and also providing support for the homeless.

As a company that truly believes in giving back to their communities and customers, the linear title company has donated a lot of time and money to many non-profit organizations and charitable foundations over the past several years. One of the non-profit businesses that linear title has worked with, is an organization that helps homeless people find a home and get back their feet. This includes providing them personal and career counseling, and also providing them transitional housing. In order to ensure that affordable permanent housing is available for these families and individuals once they get out on their own, this non-profit organization buys foreclosed and abandoned homes and completely refurbishes them. The entire concept and goal of this initiative, is to prevent these people from becoming homeless again, and to also break the cycle of homelessness for future generations. None of these initiatives would be possible however, without the support of the linear title company.

In addition to providing support to outside non-profit organizations and other charitable businesses, linear title also encourages each one of its employees to donate personal time and money to a local charity or community of their choice. In the past, some employees have donated time and materials to help rebuild homes, while others have donated money to help fund cancer research and hospitals for children.

Looking towards the next three to five years, linear title hopes to be able to double its current philanthropic efforts. This will include increasing non-profit and charitable donations, and also getting increased donations and support from their employees. All this will hopefully help them reach their long term goal of ensuring that future cancer research is funded, and that every individual and family has a place to call home.